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iMarin: iMarin Updates

iMarin: iMarin Updates

Strasbourg Cathedral Space Clock

Incredible Clock that i noticed the existence last weekend. I've visited Strasbourg Cathedral more then 10 times but i've never noticed this unique and incredible time piece. Shame on me :)
You can read more about hte greatest cathedral in France : Here
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Nato Summit Aftermath

Maybe it's a little bit to late to speak about this incidents but this is still impressive. NATO(Military alliance of democratic states in Europe and North America) summit took place on april 4th 2009(Obama was here Yohoooo!!!i saw his helicopters flyinf around Strasbourg several time and checking the security- amazing fact that 2 green - helicopter arrived 2 days before him). I should have leave the town(went to Barcelona :)because it was impossible to stay and to move because Strasbourg became a fortress protected by 20000 men - police and army. So everything was closed and you should have had your badge to move out from your sector.
On the other hand anti-nato protesters were coming from german part so from east they actauly destroyed everything the could you can see the hotel and a pharmacy and the custom service because Strasbourg is 5 minutes away from Germany if you take the car.

I was really shocked by what i've seen when i crossed the border for the first time and this happened.
Peace should be on earth.

Le Petit Chateau Pourtales

Alsace House Style

There has been and there remains today a strong Germanic influence on the architecture found in the Alsace region of France. Alsace house types and the materials used can be categorized in the wide German «pan de bois» (half-timbering) architectural family. This architectural family uses many local symbols and decorations. These symbols appear on porches, doors and on the pieces of wood used to make the half-timbered walls.
Due to the climate the roof of the typical Alsace property is predominantly steeply pitched (up to 60 degrees) and the typical roof covering is flat clay tiles (tuiles écaille alsaciennes) which are specific to the Alsace and neighbouring areas of north eastern France. Tuiles écaille alsaciennes tiles are also called “queue-de-castor” tiles, this refers to their shape, similar to that of a beaver tail. This type of tiles is also common in the Jura, Savoie, southern Germany and in Switzerland. 

Houses in the Alsace plains traditionally have an enclosed courtyard not directly accessible from the street and are traditionally positioned next to each other, forming almost neverending streets. Houses in the Outre-Forêt and Sundgau areas of Alsace posess open courtyards and are of a monobloc construction style.

Strasbourg Main Cathedral - A Handmade Miracle

Strasbourg Cathedral or the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg (French: Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Strasbourg, German: Liebfrauenmünster zu Straßburg) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Strasbourg, France. Although considerable parts of it are still in Romanesque architecture, it is widely considered to be among the finest examples of high, or late, Gothic architecture. Erwin von Steinbach is credited for major contributions from 1277 to his death in 1318.

European Parliament in Strasbourg

As you all know, Strasbourg is the capital of Europe because we have here a lot of European Institutions such like Europen Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe and The European Parliament.
The European Parliament (EP) is elected by the citizens of the European Union to represent their interests. Its origins go back to the 1950s and the founding treaties, and since 1979 its members have been directly elected by the people they represent.
Elections are held every five years, and every EU citizen is entitled to vote, and to stand as a candidate, wherever they live in the EU. The latest elections were in June 2009. Parliament thus expresses the democratic will of the Union's citizens (more than 490 million people), and represents their interests in discussions with the other EU institutions. The present parliament has 736 members from all 27 EU countries.

Strasbourg's St Paul Church

St Paul's Church was built between 1892 and 1897 by the architect Louis Muller (1842 - 1898), to be used as the protestant garrison church for the German army, after the annexation of Alsace to the German Empire in 1871.
situated in the center of Strasbourg St Paul is under construction at the moment, but is still available for visits.

a boy - Me

Having Fun

the river Raul

who pass at "orheiul vechi"

part II

a monastery

in the North of Moldova in the "Orhei Vechi". It built in stone as we can see.

a well

in eastern Europe which is built in depth

golden bells

I am in Moldva and I visited a monastery monk. Here i took this photo. It shows golden bells that helps to call people to church.

meine Liebe

Il est juste unique, rarement on rencontre des personnes comme lui !!! faut juste avoir la chance de l'avoir ...

a paradise for children

Chisinau's Skyline

I took this picture from one of my hometown's most famous hotel's roof.

Chisinau's walls

This inscription refers to a special day. June 22nd 1941 is the day when the Great Patriotic War started in Moldova. From that day, a lot of Moldovans have been deportated by the Soviets. Bessarabia (here "Basarabei" in romanian), which is an old area located in the south-east of Europe, lost about 900 000 people during that war.

This inscription litteraly means : 22nd June 1941 - Trouble begins for Bessarabia

What is this?!

Black cat

This cat goes by the name of Obama...guess why?

Chisinau's Memorial

You liked it...Here's more! This is the monument where I took the soldier. It is a tribute to all the soldiers who died in 1941 during WW2.

Strasbourg by boat

Today I'm posting something about Strasbourg since this blog is called Strasbourgdaily, and I'll go on with my trip to Moldova tomorrow. This is a boat that you can take in order to visit Strasbourg by following l'Ill, the small river that crosses the city.

Walking soldier - Part II

Wait, dude! Everything has to be perfect!

Elections day in Moldova

Today, the population of the Republic of Moldova voted to elect their new president. We don't know much right now about who's going to succeed to Vladimir Voronin. Here's a picture of a graffiti that I took in Chisinau. It is the logo for an anti-communist organization. This inscription means PCRM, Communist Parti of Republica Moldova. We can notice on this picture the opposition from the two graffitis : the red one is a pro-communist, while the blue one is a liberal one.

Walking soldier

Look at the way that this Moldovian soldier is walking!

Chisinau's Memorial

This building is located in Chisinau, Moldova. It was built in order to commemorate all the foreign soldiers who died during World War II in Moldova. There are also a lot of couples who drop by the memorial with flowers on their wedding day. 

Some car getting arrested

People from Strasbourg have to pay attention to the place where they park their car, otherwise it will by taken by the police, who's hanging around the city this summer.

What a thin building !

It is located in Strasbourg, next to Place Broglie where you can find many fancy clothes shops, and this building quite reminds me of a scene in one of the Harry Potter movies...

The sun goes down...

Here is a pic that I took tonight when the sun went down in Chisinau, Moldova.

The LP Bear

This Teddybear is wearing a shirt with a "LP" logo on it, which means "Lausanne Palace". It is only available in this swiss palace, and by buying it, you will help some associations to help children from poor countries. I always carry LP with me, and as you can see, we're on vacation right now...


I like pictures of flowers with insects around them, here is one I took yesterday.

Sweet bread

Ok I know that bread is a french speciality but I saw this guy grilling a sort of sweet bread during my trip to Romania and thought it was interesting. 

Alsacian restaurant

Let's go on with typical French food! I chose this restaurant because it is charming and it is located next to some beautiful Alsacian houses. They'll serve you any speciality from Strasbourg that you'd like to have for lunch or dinner.

How many scoops?

"Christian" is one of the most famous bakeries in Strasbourg. They also make some delicious ice-cream. Yummy!

Romanian House

Sorry, but I'm not posting anything about Strasbourg today since I'm on vacation in eastern Europe. I saw this house during my trip to Romania and thought it was really cute.


I like the contrast between this man chilling on his seat and the woman screaming on the poster. I took this picture next to the river that crosses Strasbourg which is called l'Ill.

Strasbourg Beach

This small neighborhood near Place Brandt is called during the summer "Strasbourg Plage" , which is a pun on words refering to "Paris Plage". The difference is that there is actually no sand and no place to swim in Strasbourg!

Michael Jackson shirt

This dope shirt is a tribute to superstar singer and dancer Michael Jackson. It is inspired by the famous logo "I Love NY".

You can find some on Ebay, but also by writing an e-mail to this adress :

Le train voyageur

So many of you are foreigners, that's why I decided to write my posts in English. Sorry for the French!

This minitrain is proposed to every tourist visiting Strasbourg. It is actually very convinient during the summer because you wont get sunburnt using it, but you can also use many other transports like the tram or even the regular buses to visit the city.

More informations on :

La Petite France fleurie

Cette photo est prise sur la place Benjamin Zix où chaque touriste se rend pour admirer les  maisons Alsaciennes, chacune unique dans sa couleur, sa taille, et sa forme. Comme on le remarque, chaque maison est composée de branches parallèles et perpendiculaires. On retrouve également des maisons comme celles-ci en Allemagne.

Le soleil

Avec une chaleur pareille, personne n'ose marcher du côté ensoleillé de cette ruelle de la ville.

12.30 approche...

C'est à 12h30, l'heure du déjeûner, que de nombreux Strasbourgeois se réunissent à la terrasse de ce restaurant alsacien afin de profiter d'une belle journée ensoleillée.

Un mini sur un maxi

le petit insecte sur une grande fleur qui est entrain de recolter ce dont il necessite a sa survie.

Bac 2009 - Rattrapage

C'est aujourd'hui que de nombreux lycéens ont eu une seconde chance d'obtenir leur diplôme du baccalauréat.
Les couloirs du Lycée Marie Curie de Strasbourg étaient hantés par le stress et l'impatience...


Quelle bonne idée d'installer ces machines sur les terrasses de la Place Kléber, sans lesquelles nous ne serions pas à l'abris d'une insolation!

Kiosque à journaux

On trouve de nombreux Kiosques à journaux à Strasbourg, où de nombreux Strasbourgeois et touristes se précipitent pour acheter la presse quotidienne, mais aussi des cigarettes et autres goodies. Ces petits kiosques ont une autre allure la nuit, lorsqu'ils sont fermés...


Avant le mariage...

Chaque samedi, nous avons droit au même rituel dans les rues de Strasbourg. De jeunes fiancés vous abordent dans un costume ridicule et vous proposent toutes sortes de défis ou vous demandent simplement un peu d'argent.

Ad Place!