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Nato Summit Aftermath

Maybe it's a little bit to late to speak about this incidents but this is still impressive. NATO(Military alliance of democratic states in Europe and North America) summit took place on april 4th 2009(Obama was here Yohoooo!!!i saw his helicopters flyinf around Strasbourg several time and checking the security- amazing fact that 2 green - helicopter arrived 2 days before him). I should have leave the town(went to Barcelona :)because it was impossible to stay and to move because Strasbourg became a fortress protected by 20000 men - police and army. So everything was closed and you should have had your badge to move out from your sector.
On the other hand anti-nato protesters were coming from german part so from east they actauly destroyed everything the could you can see the hotel and a pharmacy and the custom service because Strasbourg is 5 minutes away from Germany if you take the car.

I was really shocked by what i've seen when i crossed the border for the first time and this happened.
Peace should be on earth.

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