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Happy Bugs Bunny

Repair of a lamp

And yes, even below bridges there is some work to be made
Becasue of the heat, all the world work.

The district of europeens institutions

There are 3 institutions which are: Council of Europe, the court of the human right and the europeen parliament who are surround with the canal which cross all the city and is bound the river the Rhine which is the limit between Germany and France

city hall

The city hall of Strasbourg which is located place Broglie. Here have places all the weddings. We find also in the room there or ceremonies take place, a picture / photo of the president of Republique francaise: Nicolas Sarkozy who has been elected on May 6th, 2007

if you ever wondered how to make sushis...

The cookers use machines to make sushis in order to prepare them faster. As a matter of fact, there are more and more people who enjoyeating sushis everyday. It is the most fancy meal you can have at Strasbourg.

comic strip festival

European festival of comic strip is in Strasbourg of 22 in June 28th

The high school students wait for their diplomas

As every year, the students which finish their school years and who go to the universitiy the following year. This photo I took it during a party where all the high school students who have pass their exams are come. This was in the Park of the Orangery.
On the photo it is one of my friend who show the enjoyment and the end of her stress.

Pay To Stay

Everything is getting so expensive nowadays...and we must pay for this everything.

sur les Traces de Barack Obama

the 60th NATO summet took place in Strasbourg, this spring. The atmosphere was quite interresting : thousands of policeman where bloking the whole city in order to protect all the politics presenting the NATO countries. Some street, like the one i photografed where forbidden to everyone except for presidents. Barack Obama and his 2 limos went down these street and since that day the Oberling street become magic.

a Fisherman

At the canal near the Orangerie Park there are periods where fishermen's contests. So, if you are interested to know, near the European institutions you can find your pleasure.


Alsace cherries are appeared


National theater of Strasbourg

Nike shoes

a Canoes cercle

At the Orangerie , we can rent canoes in order to go for a tour on the park lac.

front of the restaurant Francesca

Francesca is an Italian restaurant. He is reappointed in Strasbourg for his fast food. So, it makes flats that the person can take away who allow to eat it in their office.

Bateau Mouche

This "Bateau mouche" makes tours around the city. It begins at "Petite France" and finish in European Institutions. Behing we are seeing the "Saint Paul" church.
This is a perfect way to discover Strasbourg


A television channel which is located in strasbourg

Hello Kitty has friends

current fashionable product
dedicasse of A.C for G.G

Strasbourg Tram

On 5 April 1877. The construction begins with two lines, but today we find 5 tramlines. In this way, the tram allows its inhabitants to move from one side of the city to another quickly and efficiently.

A chess player in place Broglie

In Strasbourg, when the sun begins to appear in our beautiful days of spring, a square multiple chess tables appear. It is always the same man who organises these meetings. He is in the middle of the square but he insites the passers to get into the games and hangs out.

The Only Strasbourg Railway Station

Since, one years ago the railway station knows some modernization forms.

La Mediatheque

This is a new library who integrates more famous technology.

UGC : l'Union generale cinematographique

This is the second largest Cinema in France with 30 rooms.

PLACE Kleber vu sur la Cathedrale de Strasbourg

CAFE Broglie

La Frontiere Orangerie/Robertsau

Ad Place!