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a boy - Me

Having Fun

the river Raul

who pass at "orheiul vechi"

part II

a monastery

in the North of Moldova in the "Orhei Vechi". It built in stone as we can see.

a well

in eastern Europe which is built in depth

golden bells

I am in Moldva and I visited a monastery monk. Here i took this photo. It shows golden bells that helps to call people to church.

meine Liebe

Il est juste unique, rarement on rencontre des personnes comme lui !!! faut juste avoir la chance de l'avoir ...

a paradise for children

Chisinau's Skyline

I took this picture from one of my hometown's most famous hotel's roof.

Chisinau's walls

This inscription refers to a special day. June 22nd 1941 is the day when the Great Patriotic War started in Moldova. From that day, a lot of Moldovans have been deportated by the Soviets. Bessarabia (here "Basarabei" in romanian), which is an old area located in the south-east of Europe, lost about 900 000 people during that war.

This inscription litteraly means : 22nd June 1941 - Trouble begins for Bessarabia

What is this?!

Black cat

This cat goes by the name of Obama...guess why?

Chisinau's Memorial

You liked it...Here's more! This is the monument where I took the soldier. It is a tribute to all the soldiers who died in 1941 during WW2.

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